A new IDC study shows that barriers to healthcare cloud adoption are dropping, with 18% of new software spend committed to SaaS and 41.5% of hospital respondents reporting they were more comfortable with the cloud in 2015 than the previous year.

Eager to capitalize on the cloud? Here are four smart ways for healthcare providers to leverage cloud services:

  1. Integrate wireless ecosystems with cloud platforms. HIPAA-compliant wireless control platforms simplify visibility, management, security control and user optimization.
  2. Use specific hosting services for healthcare workloads. Traditional data center providers rather than the huge cloud providers may offer the most cost-effective physical, environmental and infrastructure security and granular infrastructure control.
  3. Bridge on-premises and cloud systems with virtualization. Consider virtualizing key applications such as EHRs to remain compliant but boost agility.
  4. Migrate only specific services to the cloud. Rather than moving everything to the cloud, take advantage of only the services — such as storage, application delivery or VDI — that fit your needs.

Learn more about how to make the most of the cloud to improve outcomes and care delivery at your healthcare organization.

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