From augmented reality to ubiquitous mobility to machine learning, there are plenty of advances generating enthusiasm in healthcare technology. But translating this excitement — and significant financial investment — into higher care quality, better revenue cycle performance, lower costs and other measurable value is too often easier said than done.

Here are six ways you can help your healthcare organization optimize value from IT investment:

  1. Do the necessary homework. Rigorously assess the magnitude of the potential value, identify the risks, make sure leadership is supportive and align the investment with your overall organizational strategy.
  2. Integrate accountability. Ensure the project leaders have the authority, political support, governance mechanisms, tools and resources required to succeed. Developing and tracking metrics also plays an important role.
  3. Knowledgeably manage change. New IT systems can introduce minor modifications to workflow or major change across the healthcare enterprise; for example, when they’re used to advance progress in population health management. Managing the implementation of a new system demands leadership, vision, trust, incentives and a willingness to think innovatively.
  4. Shrink the deliverable cycle. Consider conducting smaller pilot projects before a staged rollout to demonstrate results more quickly, evaluate what’s working and what isn’t, and facilitate process reengineering.
  5. Skillfully manage implementation. Excellent project management skills are essential in complex projects such as IT initiatives. Take care not to dilute value by underestimating the magnitude of the project or poorly defining its scope. Be sure to take advantage of project management tools and techniques, and encourage teamwork, resiliency and adaptability.
  6. Celebrate business outcomes. Go-live parties are great, but think about also hosting business value parties to celebrate when value, as measured by post-implementation audits, has been achieved. After all, value delivery is the goal — not simply implementation.

Find out more about how to skillfully manage your healthcare IT investments to deliver value that improves patient care, clinician productivity and organizational performance.

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