Despite increased spending to prevent cyberattacks, the evidence continues to mount that hackers are on the offensive — and they have healthcare organizations in their crosshairs.

The latest scary statistics come from the 2015 KPMG Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey. 81% of healthcare executives say their organizations have been compromised by at least one malware, botnet or other cyberattack in the past two years. In addition, 13% say they are targeted by external hack attempts about once a day, and another 12% say they see two or more attacks each week.

But what may be even scarier is the continued vulnerability of healthcare data. Survey results show that:

  • 16% of healthcare organizations cannot detect in real time if their systems are compromised.
  • Only 53% of providers say they are prepared to handle a cyberattack, and smaller ones are less likely to be prepared than larger ones.
  • The areas of greatest vulnerability are external attackers (65%), sharing data with third parties (48%), employee breaches and wireless computing (35%) and inadequate firewalls (27%).

Find out more about the rising risk of cyberattack — and strategies you can use to beef up your defenses.

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