Female doctor checks her email

The healthcare industry has its work cut out for it on the cybersecurity front, according to a newly released report from SecurityScorecard. Among the biggest risks are the low social engineering scores at many of the 700 organizations surveyed, which make them easy targets for phishing, spear phishing and similar attacks that exploit vulnerable employees.

Not surprisingly, the study found that companies which ranked low for social engineering were also the companies with the most active detected malware infections. Recommended solutions for tackling these risks include implementing a continuous monitoring solution and conducting regular employee security awareness training that focuses on social engineering methodologies and the risks of reusing passwords.

Other key findings:

  • More than three-quarters of the healthcare industry has been infected with malware in the past year, including nearly 90% of healthcare manufacturers.
  • 96% of all healthcare ransomware targeted medical centers.
  • More than half of the healthcare industry has a network security score of “C” or lower.

Learn more about strategies you can use to prevent social engineering attacks and bolster your infrastructure security enterprise-wide.

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