Even though patient portals have been on the healthcare scene for several years, they’ve always struggled to gain traction. But lately, patients are increasingly eager to connect with their providers, portal access is becoming more widespread and providers are seeing more value in patient generated health data (PGHD).

As a result, patient portals may finally play a leading role in patient engagement – and even help boost the financial health of providers. New research from CDW Healthcare provides some convincing evidence:

  • 98% of patients can currently access a portal, vs. 60% in 2016
  • 70% say they have become more engaged with their healthcare, up from 57% last year. Joining a patient portal was one of the changes most frequently reported.
  • 81% of providers who reported improved patient engagement credit the availability of patient portals
  • 71% of providers ranked improving patient engagement a top priority
  • 80% of providers are taking steps to make personal health records (PHRs) easier to access

Other studies point to additional advantages of patient portal adoption, including the potential to lower healthcare costs, increase patient retention and improve patient collections.

Learn more about how patient portals can strengthen patient engagement, helping to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

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