This week we could all use the extra hour in our day to catch up after one of healthcare’s biggest shows: HIMSS16. But come Sunday, we’ll be moving our clocks ahead one hour to spring forward — much like many of the topics in this week’s HIT List that are propelling the industry forward. Read on about an FDA-approved cloud sharing service, new providers jumping into the telehealth market, and increasing security investments, to name a few.

  1. Cloud sharing gets cleared. The FDA has approved a cloud-based sharing solution that will provide clinicians with secure, HIPAA-compliant access on any device to share, track and comment on documents containing protected health information (PHI) internally and externally, and collaborate across departments to improve and enhance the speed of information sharing. Developed by Box, Box for Healthcare allows hospitals to communicate with patients via mobile devices. Could this clear the path for closer collaboration among care teams?
  2. Long-term care market matures. A recent report revealed just how big the long-term care market has gotten — tipping $305 billion in 2015 with Boomers representing approximately 76 million Americans. Demand for all types of long-term care grows across home care, hospice, nursing and assisted living with home care in the #1 spot as the most affordable option. As demand is expected to rise, the issue of affordability remains.
  3. WebMD tempted by telehealth. Media and healthcare information company WebMD took to its earnings call last week to hint about its interest in entering the telehealth space through acquisition or partnership. Seeing the potential telehealth has as a popular primary care alternative, WebMD’s CEO says he expects it to gain wider adoption, which will positively impact WebMD because the company has the ability to provide access to those services. With the on-demand services market growing quickly in healthcare, telehealth providers stand to benefit greatly.
  4. Clinician influence. HIMSS released its 27th annual leadership survey last week, and one of the biggest reveals centered on the importance of including a clinical IT leader on the leadership team. The survey indicates that this can have a notable positive impact on the organization’s attitude toward health IT. With the move from volume- to value-based care, employing a clinical IT executive can provide a valued perspective regarding today’s patient care-focused efforts.
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