Cybersecurity is a topic of growing importance given the increasing number and frequency of security breaches occurring in healthcare today. One way hospitals can improve their cybersecurity and boost protection against a healthcare breach is to be sure a strong relationship exists between their chief information security officer (CISO) and chief medical information officer (CMIO). Why? A strong bond not only helps ensure cybersecurity is a priority among clinical and IT departments, but also helps get both sides involved in technology initiatives where security gets baked into the entire lifecycle.

By breaking down silos, the CISO and CMIO are able to do the bonding needed to work more closely together on projects — weighing risks and facilitating the necessary processes to put effective cybersecurity measures into place. One way to strengthen the CISO-CMIO relationship is to have each shadow the other to better understand differing pain points.

Find out what other steps should be taken to foster a strong CISO-CMIO relationship so cybersecurity remains front and center.

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