What a whirlwind the last few days! HIMSS15 Day 3 has been a wealth of rich health IT conversations – filled with quality time on the show floor and in sessions (and of course, snagging some swag). The discussions have overflowed onto social platforms where at one point today, #HIMSS15 was the number eight trending hashtag in the US!

From the big challenges in healthcare like interoperability, Big Data and population health to the next phase in patient care (i.e. telehealth and improving the patient experience), it’s evident the world of healthcare delivery is demanding change and innovation.

We found some great nuggets of perspective and insights in Day 3’s tweets. In random order, here are our favorites! What was your favorite social commentary of the day?


Average cost of data breach is $5.4M. Near misses cost about $400K a pop. Are you considering these hidden costs? #HIMSS15 #HITsecurity


Heard at #HIMSS15: Don’t underestimate older people using patient portals; it’s about desire, not age!


“Logical solutions become inevitable. The same will happen in healthcare.” – G. W. Bush #HIMSS15


“Nuance Survey Reveals Patients Value Technology, but not at Expense of Time & Engagement w/ Physicians” ow.ly/LFcUz #HIMSS15


“I believe treating patients in the hospital should be the last resort…

keep people healthy at home” @LukeWebsterATL #HIMSS15 #DrHIT


There needs to be way more discussion of #seniorliving #seniorcare at #HIMSS15!


“Population health” wins this year’s #HIMSS15 buzzword award.  Have yet to hear it defined the same way twice.


Changing the game in healthcare starts with nursing: great blog by IBM’s @JudyMurphyHIT http://t.co/h1kQcRWLqK #HIMSS15 #mHealth #IBMApple


From #HIMSS15. NC State Health Plan reports every 1% decrease in chronic disease = 90 million dollars saved/ year. Impressive.


#Analytics use in #healthcare purely retrospective, does not support near-term action. http://bitly.com/1Futnfl  #HIMSS15 #healthIT


Three days of HIMSS15 tweeting are in the bag as the show floor comes to a close. Nevertheless, there’s one more day left and we know more is in store for tomorrow. Be sure to check back and see if your favorite tweets make our Day 4 list. In the meantime, make sure to follow us on Twitter @CDW_Healthcare!

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