We’ve hit Day 4, and that’s a wrap on HIMSS15! We can’t begin to tell you how much fun we’ve had interacting with you on social media and IRL (in real life). We had some incredible conversations about health IT, made a ton of new friends and feel excited for what’s ahead.

Keeping the momentum going even on the last day, HIMSS15 Day 4’s tweets may have been the best all week. As we wave goodbye to HIMSS15, take a moment to reflect on what resonated most with attendees in our Day 4 round up of the top tweets we saw. These are some great ones that will certainly make you think hard about where the next phase of collaboration and innovation in healthcare and technology needs to head.


#Healthcare is broken Over 1/5 of medical errors are due to lack of quick access to patient info @texashealth #HIMSS15


Health outcomes make up 10% of #health. The other 90% is where/how we live, work, and play. #SocialDeterminants #HIMSS15


PATIENT… 1 Engagement > 2 Empowerment > 3 ENABLEMENT #HIMSS15 @JohnSharp @Brian_Eastwood #HITsm


.@jonmertz @Brian_Eastwood wait, no one is standardizing the standardization of standards? THAT’s the problem! 🙂 #HIMSS15


“Prove to patients that portal is worth their time” + make sure portal IS worth our time. #HIMSS15 #engage4health


Every health IT company needs a chief nurse, chief MD and chief patient officer. No exceptions. #berelevant #HIMSS15


Wow – 63% of total readmissions come from 8.8% of patients #HIMSS15 @ThinkDCS at Hahnemann University Hospital #HIMSS15


One barrier to using #HIE is that often post-acute providers not included. #HIMSS15 #MeaningfulUse


Data sharing and interoperability were key topics this week at #HIMSS15. Who is going to hold the vendors accountable? @KBDeSalvo #ONC


“It’s not about the technology. It’s when you walk the halls of a clinic…are you feeling the improvement?” @CMSGov‘s Andy Slavitt #HIMSS15

While there are some big issues to tackle, we should remember we’re all in this together and can put our collective wisdom toward moving healthcare in the right direction.

Thank you all for another amazing HIMSS and for letting us share our sweet home Chicago with you for a few days. HIMSS15 was definitely a memorable one! We can’t wait to see you next year. Until then, make sure to say hello and keep in touch with us on Twitter. You can find us @CDW_Healthcare.

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