Physician practices reluctant to encourage older patients to use patient portals could be missing the boat. Patients in their 60s are just as likely as younger patients to register for portals, says athenaResearch.

athenaResearch vice president Josh Gray and manager David Clain point out three reasons why nearly 30% of patients over 65 report using portals:

  1. They want to manage chronic diseases. In fact, a subset of “super-users” signs in to the portals nearly once a week.
  2. They’re eager to communicate with their physicians through email or secure messaging.
  3. They’re comfortable with technology. They’ve had smartphones for years and are familiar with using computers.

The research also found that patients are more likely to enroll in portals when their physicians tell them that doing so is important — and administrative staff members help them register while they’re still in the office.

Learn more about strategies for boosting portal enrollment rates, and how they can drive better patient engagement and positive care outcomes.

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