Sometimes it seems like everyone and their brother are trying to address aging-related challenges through technology these days. But for real innovation to take place, stakeholders including tech companies, senior living providers, healthcare organizations and the government need to expand their vision, says a new report called “Outthink Aging” from IBM and the Consumer Technology Association Foundation.

Rather than one-size-fits-all solutions, technology needs to be personalized and adaptable to the evolving needs of aging individuals, who cover a wide range of abilities and needs. Recommendations for getting from here to there include:

  • Create a broader “ecosystem.” Instead of designing devices and apps to meet defined needs, develop an environment that encourages and supports integrated solutions.
  • Eliminate silos. Encourage experts, visionaries and stakeholders to collaborate, ensuring cross-fertilization of ideas.
  • Provide knowledge as a service. A centralized cognitive computing platform combining private, industry and public data could support development of targeted offerings and expanded partnerships.
  • Build a cognitively powered community. Use a virtual town square approach to connect seniors and avoid isolation.
  • Mitigate the threat of financial fraud. Create a platform that protects older adults by monitoring, detecting and preventing fraud.

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