Intermountain Healthcare is a pioneer in IoT use as well as telehealth, due to a patient base dispersed over large swaths of rural Utah and Idaho. When appropriate, Intermountain also outfits patients being discharged with sensing and monitoring devices so physicians can track recovery with real-time data. This heavy reliance on a variety of Internet-connected and mobile devices to enable long-distance diagnosis, treatment and monitoring means security is of the utmost importance.

As a result, Chief Information Security Officer Karl J. West preaches security consciousness about ransomware attacks and other threats to the entire Intermountain staff of 30,000 — not just to IT staff and senior management. At a recent conference presentation on security, he shared his 14-point checklist, which ranged from standard precautions such as complex passwords and security patches to more innovative strategies, including:

  • Segmenting the network to keep the most sensitive information inside
  • Regular reviews, including a risk assessment, of third-party partners
  • Using a data dictionary to capture and maintain information about where data is, how it’s generated, who analyzes it and the path it follows into storage

Learn more about smart strategies for protecting patient data in the age of IoT.

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