It may have taken longer than some predicted or hoped, but physicians are finally starting to like digital health tools. A new AMA survey found 85% of physicians saw advantages in using them to care for patients, and nearly half are enthusiastic about embracing them — despite AMA CEO James Madara, MD, recently referring to digital health technologies as “21st century snake oil.”

Among the advantages doctors believe digital technologies bring are the ability to improve practice efficiency, enhance patient safety, improve diagnostic ability, reduce physician burnout and strengthen relationships with patients.

Some of the study’s other key findings include:

  • Primary care physicians and those working in larger, more complex practices generally use more digital technologies.
  • 1 in 10 physicians are early adopters of newer solutions such as virtual visits and remote patient monitoring.
  • Nearly half of doctors are enthusiastic about digital patient engagement and clinical decision support tools, but only about one-quarter currently use them.
  • Patient demand for digital health tools ranked lowest among the reasons physicians sought to adopt them.

Find out more about why physicians are growing increasingly keen on digital health technologies.

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