The White House Conference on Aging (@WHAging, #WHCOA) only happens once every decade, and the July 13 event was truly historic. It was fantastic to see so many people engaging on an important topic that will impact all of us: aging. Twitter was buzzing with discussion based on the live-streaming event, and in fact, when all was said and done Monday, there were over 36,000 tweets that included the hashtag #WHCOA!

Watching the conversation throughout the day, we noticed a broad range of topics were covered ranging from caregivers and quality care to innovation and technology adoption. What tweets left a lasting impression on us? In no particular order, here are the best ones we saw.

.@POTUS @BarackObama: “One of the best measures of a country is how it treats its older citizens.” #aging #LTSS #WHCOA @WHAging

Family is more than who’s related to you, it’s who cares for you. Home care workers are an important part of millions of families. #WHCOA

“We have to shift our culture to see caregivers as a huge part of the solution for the future.” @aijenpoo #WHCOA

Pharmacists have a great opportunity to interact with seniors because they see them more frequently than the family doc. #WHCOA @LarryMinnix

“We have to work to do more to ensure that every older American has the resources and the support they need to survive.” @BarackObama #WHCOA

Getting older is getting better because technology is empowering us to be more independent. #WHCOA @CDW_Healthcare

Moving to reward quality, not quantity of care is an important part of health and care for older adults. @POTUS #WHCOA

Intergenerational contact is the fountain of youth — improves health, stamina, mobility and lowers depression. #WHCOA

Time to shift conversation from one assuming aging population will overwhelm us to one that recognizes older adults’ contributions. #WHCOA

“We are changing the conversation in this country about what it means to get older. We’re here to disrupt aging.” @AARP @JoAnn_Jenkins #WHCOA

#WHCOA innovators talk about the lack of infrastructure for an aging society — YES! We need a new grid.

“The #WHCOA gives us an opportunity to #DisruptAging: to empower people to age in the way that best suits them.” @JoAnn_Jenkins

“Design with, not for.” Endless insights into how we can be inclusive as we address aging through innovation. Barbara Beskind #WHCOA

“Technology should assist, not resist us.” @SusannahFox #WHCOA

“Aging isn’t about old people. #Aging is about enrichment, opportunity and dignity.” Tom Perez’s closing remarks #WHCOA

The WHCOA showed us that senior care has taken center stage on a national level and gives us hope for change and improving aging through open communication, advocacy and innovation. Share your thoughts on the WHCOA with us @CDW_Healthcare. We look forward to continuing the conversation. You can also find us at these upcoming Senior Care Events.

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