Since 2013, we’ve dutifully researched and analyzed websites to collect the Top 50 Health IT Blogs. Last year was no different. If you missed 2014’s Top 50 Health IT Blogs, be sure to check out who made our list.

This year, we asked YOU who should make our Top 50 for 2015! We’re excited to hear from the health IT community. And while the votes will serve as indication of reader support and interest, the ultimate decision on whether a blog makes the final cut won’t be based solely on how many votes a nominee receives. Please keep in mind we’re looking for submission sites that are actual blogs (not communities or forums).

Nominations for the 2015 Top 50 Health IT Blogs are now closed. The final list of Top 50 Health IT Blogs will be published online during NHIT Week in October, so keep your eyes peeled!

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