Lake Nona Medical City in Orlando is an innovative 650-acre health and life sciences park that’s part of a planned, strategic effort to create a centralized focus on sophisticated medical treatment, research and education. LNMC is home to the nation’s leading hospitals, universities, research institutions and health and life sciences companies, pioneering a prototype of an “intelligent home” that’s a showcase of connected technology. LNMC is leveraging technology to both enhance the patient experience and improve healthcare outcomes.

Coordinated collaboration plays a large role in the success of communities like Lake Nona. In our recent webinar, “Pioneers in Health Innovation: Lake Nona Medical City,” Thomas J. Graham, MD, Global Chairman for Lake Nona Institute and CEO and Chairman for Hemisphere Global, and Kathy Brown, Community Relations and Marketing Consultant for Lake Nona Institute, share their experience with delivering innovation in today’s healthcare communities and outline best practices for delivering a smart, connected HIT experience.

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