As we wrap up day 2 of NHIT Week, we are loving the great content and insights being shared on social media! In keeping with this year’s “One Voice, One Vision: Transforming Health,” the conversations focus around data sharing, the Internet of Things, and the continued importance of improving the patient experience.

Here are just a sample of the great tweets we saw today. What topics are you closely following or contributing to? In no particular order, here are our favorites! Did we miss any?


In 5 years, one million new devices will come online every HOUR. #GartnerSym keynote #IoT


In Digital Health, Who Comes First? | @L_Macnaughtan | #NHITWeek #HITSMIND


For #NHITWeek we asked our employees why they heart HIT: “It’s great to feel like even a tiniest part of saving someone’s life.” #IHEartHIT


#NHITweek #HITSMIND #HCAnalytics RT @ValaAfshar “Data is the oil of the 21st century. But oil is just useless thick goop until you refine it into fuel.”

@Gartner_inc #GartnerSYM


“Every time [CIOs] think that we are out in front of something, something else changes.” #NHITWeek


#PatientCentered Design…Its #Usable, Its #Data Driven…w/ #Actionable Information in ANY Language..#designthinking #NHITweek #Usability


Can IT professionals save us from ourselves?… via @HealthMgtTech incl. @LysaMyers #NHITWeek


Don’t let lack of competition be the reason people use your hospital. #patientexperience #NHITweek #OutsideEHR


Exhibit No. 197331 why Virtual Health Assistants and Intelligent Engagement are so important #NHITweek RT @ValeriePilloDRG Study shows you lose 121 min. of time and $43 every doctor visit and that’s before the bill.… via @BostonGlobe


There is an important cultural change necessary for the #provider community to be all in on #HIT #NHITWeek @edifecs

Stop back tomorrow for Day 3’s new list of most insightful and interesting tweets. Be sure to check out what other fun we have going on for NHITWeek, and remember to follow us on Twitter @CDW_Healthcare and tweet us directly with the hashtag #NHITWeek!

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