As we look back on this year’s NHIT Week, we see that many of the winners of our 2015 Top 50 Health IT Blogs list were as pumped about it as we were! Take a look at some of the enlightening and diverse discussion fostered both during and after NHIT Week on key healthcare and technology themes.

DICOM Grid Blog: Health IT Innovations Enhance Women’s Health

DICOM Grid tied its NHIT Week blog post theme to another key health initiative in October — breast cancer awareness. DICOM Grid noted, “During National Health IT Week, [we] will be highlighting several different use cases where improvements in health technology lead to a reduced rate of redundant radiology exams, an improved patient experience, and lower costs for patients and physicians alike.”

Curaspan: NHIT Week: A Look Back at Care Transitions

Because this year’s NHIT Week was all about transforming health, Curaspan took a walk down memory lane — revisiting key milestones in the development of care transitions, from patient education and support reducing readmissions to meaningful use and value-based care.

Cisco Blog: Healthcare: Using Health IT to Detect Breast Cancer

Cisco also focused on the convergence of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Health IT Week and how health IT, specifically the Internet of Everything (IoE), is beginning to use technology to change the way breast cancer is detected and diagnosed.

Health IT Buzz: A Reminder from the HHS Office of the Inspector General about Information Blocking and the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute

Daniel Levinson, Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services, writes about a new OIG alert that encourages appropriate flow of information across the care continuum to realize the full benefits offered by health IT.

Healthcare Informatics: Yes, Let’s Honor Health IT Week, but What About Cybersecurity?

Heather Landi of Healthcare Informatics notes that, “During the past week, the health information technology (HIT) community has raised awareness about the pivotal role that IT has played in the ongoing transformation of healthcare delivery as part of National Health IT Week.” She goes on to explore one very large challenge that comes along with this advancement of care that we must be careful not to overlook — cybersecurity — and explores ways to be smart and proactive on data protection.

HL7 Standards: National Health IT Week [#HITsm Chat 10.9.15]

During NHIT Week, Michael Gaspar of HIMSS social media moderated HL7 Standard’s weekly health IT social media chat, which focused on topics from celebrating health IT successes to harnessing the personal stories behind health IT and top issues to engage Congress in ways to create the biggest health IT impact.

What other great blog posts and news have you seen that highlight 2015’s NHIT Week? Tweet us @CDW_Healthcare and share! And check out even more comprehensive health IT discussion across the full list of 2015 Top 50 Blogs.

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