NHIT Week has officially kicked off and there’s been a flurry of activity on Twitter. Many of those who tweeted shared their excitement in kicking off the first day of this important week dedicated to raising awareness on the value of health IT. We also saw some insightful comments on how the greatest value of health IT is keeping patients centrally focused in order to positively impact care.

A popular topic (as usual) revolved around the need for interoperability and being able to effectively share and deliver digital data access to patients and providers whenever, wherever across the care continuum. But as the NHIT Week theme suggests, many are also talking about technologies that take interoperability a step further. As one #IHeartHIT storyteller put it: “We need patient access. But it’s more. We need actionable information.”

We grabbed tweets throughout the day that resonated with this year’s theme and expressed interesting concepts or thoughts about health IT in today’s world. We hope you enjoy what we included below (in no particular order), and be sure to get in on the continuing conversation this week using #NHITWeek!


I Was My Mother’s Scrap of Paper #NHITWeek #IHeartHIT healthitweek.org/story/i-was-my… #ptsafety #carecoordination #HITsm #hcldr


“We need to share data openly, transparently and honestly.” #interoperability bit.ly/2db569R #NHITWeek pic.twitter.com/NVXAeurjbK


@evankirstel @goinvo Internet of Things along with “Internet of People” an even more powerful disruptor. #IoT #IoP #nhitweek


How #HealthIT Impacts a New Parent: A reminder that a human is at the center of it all #NHITweek ow.ly/2zot304uX84


Smart house to smart health  #digitalhealth #NHITweek ow.ly/yOpX304zy3K pic.twitter.com/TO8ZmTfdAR


A message from @BarackObama on #NHITweek via @ONC_HealthIT bit.ly/2d3FWZZ #health2con pic.twitter.com/C9tOXakYGQ


Embrace the benevolent robot overlords! But seriously, very exciting for #NHITweek twitter.com/Twinybots/stat…RT@Twinybots How Machine Learning Could Revolutionize Healthcare Dia… goo.gl/m4Ecy9 #ArtificialIntelligence #NHITweek pic.twitter.com/AAMywsMeje


The algorithm that accidentally pointed out the sickest patients: bzfd.it/2cs9H7O #NHITWeek #IHeartHIT


To manage complex rheumatic conditions, medical professionals across fields must be able to communicate well. Technology is key #NHITweek

We’ll be watching for good tweets all week so come back for tomorrow’s top tweets list from Day 2.  Keep checking back here to stay up-to-date on our fun NHIT Week activities! Follow us on Twitter @CDW_Healthcare and on our LinkedIn Showcase page and join our conversation with the greater HIT community this week.


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