Day 3 of NHIT Week has involved great discussion on Twitter, sparking vast interaction on informative topics throughout the day. Many of those who tweeted shared their excitement about embracing health IT in order for medical professionals to communicate more efficiently and accurately across all areas of care. We also saw some insightful comments on how health IT is expanding opportunities for women and better patient engagement management.

Below are some of the best tweets throughout the day that sparked our interest, encouraging us to think differently about the problems in health IT today and what the future holds.


Population health needs to be a team sport to be effective #PtEngagement #NHITweek via @drnic1


.@CancerGeek “health data actionable insights that help take healthcare from we to me” #personalizedmedicine #WIbiohealth16


Low blood sugar? Your e-tattoo will notify you. A fitting photo to honor #NHITWeek from my visit to #BigBadData exhibit in Singapore…


It’s not easy for local health depts to use #informatics, but here’s a few reasons why you should try: #NHITWeek


Key theme this year for #NHITweek is the expansion of opportunities for women in #HIT and #STEM.…


Men and women both need flexibility in order to succeed and put family first. #NHITWchat #NHITweek


A5: Steal the top designers of #PokemonGO and apply skills to #digitalhealth and #patientengagement #NHITWchat


Patient access won’t improve if we don’t understand how care resources are performing – Paul Schulz @EideBaillyLLP #NHITweek


Soliciting patient feedback can help you #improve your portal and #recruit more patients! #NHITWeek

The NHIT Week tweet conversations will be happening all week. Make sure to continue using the #NHITWeek hashtag, and come back for tomorrow’s top tweets list from Day 4! Keep checking back here to stay up-to-date on our fun NHIT Week activities! Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and join our conversation with the greater HIT community this week.


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