The conversation was still going strong on Day 4 of NHIT Week. From what we’ve seen, the discussion has been both thought provoking as well as inspiring with so many different perspectives on health IT. From doctors and luminaries to parents and policy analysts, the many voices contributing to the conversation call even more attention to the value of technology in healthcare and where the future is headed for all of us.

Take a peak at some of the best tweets from Day 4 that gave us a lot to think about on better ways to tackle interoperability, health tech usability concerns and the potential power of blockchain for healthcare. Make sure you contribute to tomorrow’s thoughts using the hashtag #NHITWeek!


Let’s stop the turf battles that prevent true interoperability and hamper the ability to aggregate data. #NHITweek #IHeartHIT


We could save $300B/year and 300K lives by standardizing healthcare data, said @probst_marc #NHITweek @CIOCHIME


#cybersecurity Sadly the net affect is the costs of healthcare rise, affecting most those with limited means. #NHITWeek on #EHR


I’m not a fan of numbers- I’m a fan of USABILITY. That differs according to role, placement, specialty, workflow and business need @medscape


A2 #Blockchain could = healthcare’s answer to a shared, longitudinal digital patient record. Why reinvent the wheel right? #kareochat


Changing behaviors stall changes. Must change mindset to change behavior and achieve new goals.


“Be focused, embrace the tools and technology around us and you can make great things happen” — @jhalamka #NHITweek


#ThursdayThoughts: #HealthIT through the eyes of a parent / public policy analyst #NHITweek


“It’s important to have technological one offs be part of integrated systems to improve health outcomes.” #RhondaMedows #NHITWeek

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