NHIT Week has sadly come to an end, but not without initiating prodigious conversations focused on healthcare’s biggest challenges and goals in health IT. From how to prevent the complications of human error to how the industry is navigating value-based care initiatives, the exchanges we saw on Twitter between healthcare professionals certainly helped drive awareness on the value of technology in healthcare. It truly is a movement and we’ve been honored to be a part of if this year.

With that in mind, take a peek at some of the best tweets we saw from day 5 that encourages us to embrace data sharing, personalized precision medicine, data analytics programs and interoperability all around. If you haven’t answered our survey questions, make sure you do. We’d love your input on the impact of technology in healthcare. And keep the conversation going by using the hashtag #NHITWeek!


“I saw many instances where the right #healthIT at the right time made a world of difference” #mhealth #NHITweek


Human error is a factor in patient care. Health IT has the potential to bridge that gap and save lives. #NHITweek #HITworks #IHeartHIT


Key goal of data sharing: to encourage advancement of personalized precision medicine #IHeartHIT #NHITweek


What are the keys for successful healthcare big data analytics program.? See if you agree #HeathIT #TGIF #BigData #nHITweek


“We play a role in the evolution and revolution of health IT, and we need to be active.” buff.ly/2cNlBcH #NHITweek #HITsm


If medical science is a seed, #technology is water for its germination. Adoption give its roots to hold ground. #NHIT #NHITWeek


#HealthIT can continue to evolve, but treatment decisions still require accreditation. Here’s why: hubs.ly/H04y6FN0 #NHITweek


Inefficiencies in benefits coordination cost US healthcare $800M+/yr, creating unnecessary difficulties for providers & patients #NHITWeek

‏ @GetReal_Health

49% of female consumers don’t track their health characteristics compared to only 37% of males who are not tracking their health. #NHITweek


Dr. Yasnoff: The sooner we can implement a network of community health record banks, sooner we can see benefits #NHITWeek


Together, we can steer our industry to lower costs by improving quality. Ensuring we’re all on #RightSideOfHealthcare. #NHITweek #IHeartHIT


#NHITWeek Using Telephone Cos as analogy is outdated. Internet Search Engines are better example for Health Model


T3: To policymakers: Keep it simple. Reward good outcomes. And most importantly, cross-test those CCDAs! #HITsm #NHITweek #interoperability


By using #RTLS, we can identify and eliminate the “non-value” added time in our workflow – M. Waind, CIO goo.gl/EYfBSa #NHITWeek


Last day of #NHITWeek! Continue expanding the value of #healthIT beyond this week. #HITworks

We would like say thank you to all the NHIT Week participants near and far. Just in case you missed anything (it was a busy week!), see what we’ve been discussing by checking out our NHIT Week activities, tell us your thoughts on Twitter, or like our LinkedIn Showcase page.


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