As we bask in the afterglow of this year’s NHIT Week, we’ve been excited to see that many of our 2016 Top 50 Health IT bloggers have been as involved and enthusiastic about the topics as we were! Take a look at some of the enlightening and diverse discussion being fostered both during and after NHIT Week around key healthcare and technology themes.


AmericanEHR Blog:

National Health IT Week 2016 Kicks Off with a Message from President Obama

AmericanEHR’s NHIT Week coverage centered on government engagement and support, focusing first on the Obama administration’s announcement regarding their commitment to improving people’s health through technology. Their second post, Office of the National Coordinator Officially Releases the Health IT Playbook, describes the playbook details, which includes a new EHR contract guide aimed at helping providers understand the nuances of EHR contractual terms.


Cisco Blog > Healthcare: The Value of Health IT in Action

Cisco emphasized the importance of National Health IT Week by sharing real-life examples of how they help implement health IT changes to improve access to quality care for patients.


EMR and EHR: President’s Message for National Health IT Week

President Obama’s letter released during National Health IT Week sparked huge interest among health IT aficionados. EMR and EHR blogger, John Lynn, gave it a sharp eye, sharing some of his concerns on the simplicity of the administration’s position toward heath IT challenges. A very thoughtful read!


The Health Data, Technology and Services Blog: The Healthcare Executive Group Annual Forum – A Truly Unique Healthcare Event

The Health Data, Technology and Services Blog decided to introduce a group they felt embodied the spirit of NHIT Week—The Healthcare Executive Group (HCEG). HCEG is a national network of select executives from across the entire healthcare spectrum; coming together to continually learn, grow, share and reshape the industry.


Healthcare IT News: National Health IT Week 2016: A CIO Reflects on 5 Key Technology Advancements

Mike Restuccia, Chief Information Officer at Penn Medicine, highlighted the trends and tools improving care delivery, including the top 5 key advances that have been brought to the forefront in recent years: data science, patient data digitization and integrations, health information exchange, patient-generated health data, and patient portals. In a second post, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn commemorated National Health IT Week by highlighting research on why consumers want to cross the digital health chasm with providers.


Health IT Buzz: Giving Patients and Providers the Keys to Their Health Data

National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Dr. Vindell Washington, celebrated the week with a new video that explains how HHS created delivery system reform. The system encourages common standards for data sharing recognized by the federal government, spreading the word across the health care system that patients have a right to their own data.


Health IT Plus: ONC Releases EHR Contract Guide and Health IT Playbook

Health IT Plus summarized the newly released Health IT Playbook, touting it as a comprehensive tool to help providers understand Health IT in detail. The post also explained the Contract Guide’s value in choosing the right electronic systems, negotiating with vendors and how to understand EHR contract language.


Health Populi: Consumers Want to Cross the Digital Health Chasm With Providers

Focusing on the patient view, Health Populi noted the many ways American consumers are at a unique moment in US health care with growing costs, more decision-making responsibility for their health care, and seemingly unlimited data and information at their digital fingertips on smartphones.


Healthcare Informatics: How Will the Presidential Election Impact Health IT?

Healthcare Informatics shined a spotlight on the value of health IT through the lens of the election, summarizing a survey where respondents visualized what would happen in health IT, depending on which political party won.


HIMSS Blog: Health IT’s Promise to Humanize Healthcare

Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer at UPMC and Executive Vice President of UPMC Enterprises, shared his thoughts on information technology as an enabler (versus an impediment) of better care. He utilized NHIT Week’s audience to explain how IT is the ‘secret weapon’ that healthcare has to learn to use, so we can humanize healthcare.


Intelligent Insights Blog: More in IT Need to be Astute Clinicians Who Understand Technology

Tracy Faleide interviewed Caryn Hewitt, Director of Nursing Operations at Sanford Health, about how the role of IT has changed in the past few years, both across the healthcare industry and specifically at her health system. On the last day of NHIT Week, Joanna Wyganowska interviewed Mark Waind, CIO at Altru Health System, sharing examples of a value-adding technology his organization implemented, along with what makes him excited about healthcare IT when he looks ahead 5-10 years.


ThinkRADical Blog: Deliver Better Patient Care in the Cloud

Catherine Slotnick brought further attention to a discussion sparked during a NHIT Week webinar—that seamless access to current and prior patient imaging across facilities and within EHR/EMR systems is critical to implementing value-based care.

Wow, quite the round-up! Thanks to all the 2016 Top 50 Bloggers who contributed to the awesome conversation. What other great blog posts have you seen highlighting 2016’s NHIT Week? Tweet us @CDW_Healthcare and share! And check out even more comprehensive health IT discussion across the full list of 2016 Top 50 blogs.

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