With the “silver tsunami” of Baby Boomers heading straight for your senior care community, coupled with the growing use of technology among the senior age group (59% using the internet last time we checked), your resident experience is becoming a digital experience as well. So where do you begin when it comes to new investment in technology? What technology is most important to adopt first in your senior care community? Implementing new technology can be a challenge to overcome, especially with limited time and limited IT resources. That’s why laying the proper groundwork is an essential first step for building up your senior care IT. Here are the three pivotal pieces to build a solid foundation for your community to run on:

Build IT: Infrastructure technology- Having the technology to back up resident’s critical data, keeping servers operating appropriately and running multiple applications at once, are all an important foundational layer. These technologies all provide a solution that allows you to continuously access data and successfully protect it.

Access IT: Networking and data connectivity– Most seniors are becoming increasingly comfortable engaging with a screen. This amplified interaction has created more downloading, increased data production and is placing growing demands on networks. Having a reliable wireless network solution is an essential for allowing residents and staff to easily access important information and crucial data.

Protect IT: Security, security, security- Breaches and hacker attacks have become a top concern for healthcare, and senior care should take note. As providing anywhere, anytime access to data becomes the norm, network security technology provides a solution to protect your resident’s data from fraud and theft on both wired and wireless networks.

Understanding these three pillars will help you build an impenetrable technology foundation as you look to prepare your senior care community for the 21st century and beyond. Want a step-by-step guide to building yours, tips for achieving total community access and locking down security? Take a deeper look at our eBook Senior Security: Protecting Your Residents’ Digital Care. Also, explore the key technology to use when starting your own tech foundation on our Senior Care Tech page.

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