Today’s patients are becoming more empowered than ever by taking an active role in their own healthcare experience. By assuming a greater role in the care they receive, patients can become informed and engaged medical consumers. And because there is more data than ever — as well as more paths to connect to it — the relationship between providers, patients and the way care is provided is changing. Data is being provided and accessed literally with the touch of a button, giving healthcare providers more insight into their patients’ health and patients a direct line to healthcare wherever they are.

What’s behind this empowered patient movement? Health IT. Success in the healthcare world is focused on improving quality of care and the patient experience. Key to achieving these goals is empowering patients and putting data access into their hands. Do you have the right technology and tools to effectively and efficiently connect patients to their physicians and healthcare organizations? By taking advantage of patient portals, data analytics, the cloud and other empowering IT solutions, healthcare providers can lay a solid path for improving patient outcomes and strengthening their patient engagement efforts.

Yet, the growing volume of data and the need for delivering increased access for patients isn’t without challenges. Providers must understand what information empowered patients need and want access to, and be able to deliver it. One area providers are focusing on to spur patient empowerment is the offering of a secure patient portal, which provides patients with access to their healthcare data anytime and from any device.

With the continued growth in the adoption of health apps and wearables, providers are challenged by today’s savvy patients, who are demanding more access and better data integration. As with any initiative in healthcare, addressing the needs of an empowered patient isn’t satisfied by one solution. There are many moving parts and the technology needed to empower patients will be effective only if it’s properly integrated and utilized.

Empowered patient technology at HIMSS16

Stop by our booth at HIMSS16 to learn how CDW Healthcare is powering patient care through technology to help our customers transform care delivery and enhance the patient experience. Our Empowered Patient station shows you how simplifying access to data allows patients to connect more easily with physicians and healthcare systems. The empowered patient is one of our four patient solution stations that showcase how technology can be leveraged to enhance patient care.

In addition, we invite you to connect with our technology experts at HIMSS16 to have meaningful conversations and/or white-boarding sessions about how you can use technology to more effectively empower patients as partners in their own healthcare.

Book a meeting with a CDW Healthcare technology expert during HIMSS16 and learn about all the activities planned in Booth #3606 here.

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