Has security got you feeling cloudy these days? You’re not alone. As healthcare advances on the path to the cloud, security concerns continue to remain paramount. The average healthcare organization uses 928 different cloud computing services — 60 of which the IT department knows about, 868 of which they don’t.1 With so many of these applications in use across every department in the organization, cloud security management becomes vitally important.

There’s another equally important side to this story, though, which is about (in)security as a whole. And it’s not just about the cloud, but also patient care and data management. As highlighted in our Winter 2016 Health Tech Report, today’s healthcare environment has become data-rich due to the move from paper-based to electronic-based systems. Patient data is now digital and highly valuable, putting organizations at an ever greater risk for breach attempts.

In fact, healthcare organizations continue to be most vulnerable when it comes to lack of proper technology safeguards:

  • 4% of employees have had at least one password stolen.
  • Among employee downloads, only 15.4% support multi-factor authentication. 2.8% have ISO 27001 certification and 9.4% encrypt data stored at rest.
  • Only 7% of healthcare cloud services meet enterprise security and compliance requirements.

Reliable on-demand access to patient data is simply a must-have in today’s value-based healthcare environment. Now that high-quality patient care depends on high-performance IT, it’s critical to ensure your infrastructure is robust and agile enough to keep pace with the rising expectations of today’s empowered patient. But today’s distributed and mobile computing environment is difficult to control, and involves additional challenges like staying up to date and managing unexpected costs or loss of control. How does security fit into this picture, and how can healthcare providers tackle seamless access coupled with rock-solid protection?

The long-term solution starts with staying educated on developing breach strategies, proactively monitoring and addressing areas of potential risk, and educating and empowering both staff and patients.

Secure patient technology at HIMSS16

Stop by our booth at HIMSS16 to learn how CDW Healthcare is powering patient care through technology to help our customers transform care delivery and enhance the patient experience. You’ll find the Secure Patient Station is one of our four key focal areas, as we continue to keep the patient at the center of what we do. Here you can learn how to achieve a robust, agile IT infrastructure that both supports your patient experience and gives you security peace of mind.

We also invite you to connect with our technology experts at HIMSS16 for a more meaningful conversation about the right technology to help you secure patients effectively.

Book a meeting with a CDW Healthcare technology expert during HIMSS16 and learn about all the activities planned in Booth #3606 at CDW.com/communIT/event-details/himss16/.

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