Patients are growing more empowered by the minute as they become (pro)active participants in their own healthcare experience. Health IT is enabling that shift, with a number of technology trends playing a big role in 2015.

Because there is more data than ever — as well as more paths to connect to it — the relationship between providers, patients and the way care is provided is changing. Ever since remote patient monitoring and telemedicine entered the scene, things haven’t been the same. In fact, the total number of patients worldwide using connected home medical monitoring devices is expected to soar to 19.1 million over the next three-and-a-half years. Today, data is being provided and accessed literally with the touch of a button, giving healthcare providers more insight into their patients’ health and patients a direct line to healthcare wherever they are.

But what challenges do these new opportunities pose? How do we keep all the systems and data interconnected and information securely stored? Enter two of the other big themes of this year’s health IT scene — interoperability and cloud storage. These areas are both expected to be hot topics of discussion as patients come to expect more technology integration in their care, and providers recognize the need to securely support this technology adoption on the back end.

Check out our infographic to learn more about these trends and how they’re impacting patient empowerment!

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