Communication continues to make a big impact on healthcare organizations as EMR, mHealth and telehealth adoption grows. And as the resulting data from these tools and trends causes an information explosion, organizations are increasingly more willing to store personal health information in the cloud.

This move is further fueled by cloud service providers agreeing to sign HIPAA business associate agreements, easing providers’ data security concerns. In fact, already 30% of health IT decision makers use cloud apps and services and 40% store protected health information securely in the cloud.

However, there is still significant room for growth. One of the biggest sources of hesitation to adopt the cloud stems from loss of control and a lack of information about the solution. But as cloud providers continue to address these concerns and further security measures are put in place to protect data, healthcare providers are seeing many benefits to this flexible storage solution. From an IT perspective, organizations are finding that it offers lower maintenance costs, faster storage deployment and the ability to step in when staffing resources are scarce.

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