Brief Q&A with TJ Thelen, CDW Healthcare Collaboration Solution Architect

Today’s patients demand convenience and care on their time, and today’s healthcare organizations require technology to streamline care and make that possible—especially technology that supports enhanced, real-time collaboration.

That’s why it’s no surprise that unified communications (UC)/collaboration and telemedicine technologies are on the rise. They enable greater connection and collaboration across health systems, with specialists and among caregivers. And they address the ever-growing demand for patient-centricity in healthcare.

As we near the end of 2015, we wanted to hear what one of our own experts had to say on the trend of collaboration and unified communications technologies. Here is what TJ Thelen, CDW Healthcare Collaboration Solution Architect, had to share about the coming 2016 trends:

CDW Healthcare: What is the #1 collaboration trend you’re seeing for 2016?

TJ Thelen: In healthcare today we are seeing increased adoption of visual communications. Hospitals, specialty clinics and other healthcare providers are adapting to using technologies that provide video and audio communications from traditional clinical rooms, conference rooms, desktop computers, and even portable mobile devices like your phone or tablet.

CDW Healthcare: What’s the next evolution in unified communications and telehealth?

TJ Thelen: In the future we’ll no longer see geographic boundaries as a limitation. With mobility, the ability to practice and deliver healthcare will be almost limitless. One device will enable communicating over voice, video and healthcare applications … all in the palm of the hand.

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