Note: As the annual HIMSS conference quickly approaches and strives to brings folks together to help transform health through IT, CDW Healthcare spoke to a few of our partners about their focus for HIMSS16 and how they’re planning to make an impact on health IT.

The world is facing a challenging future in healthcare, and the industry continues to experience a transformation of historic proportions. Populations are expanding, while individuals are living longer and developing more chronic conditions. As a result, the overall spend in healthcare is increasing at the same time there’s a projected shortage of care delivery professionals. As we move to a value-based payment model that reimburses only when the overall clinical community/population achieves targeted wellness milestones, providers are required to develop alternative care delivery models.

No doubt at HIMSS16, we’ll be hearing more around how technology is powering the future of care delivery as it touches the patient, the provider and the payer. Accountable care, population health, meaningful use, interoperability and patient engagement continue to shift the paradigm and pose new challenges – and opportunities. Given these dynamics, the market is needing solutions that allow care delivery organizations to offer “Customized Care Anywhere” – the theme of our Lenovo Health booth at the show.

To be able to customize care for every patient, healthcare providers need to leverage a wide array of technologies from wrist to cloud across the continuum of care. The idea of Lenovo Health’s “Customized Care Anywhere” vision is to maximize the mobility of all stakeholders (patients, clinicians and remote caregivers) while ensuring that there’s a solid security framework in place to allow data to flow between the user and supporting applications residing in the enterprise

Our innovations are focused on the cloud, security, mobility and the accessories that bring data closer to the patient and the clinician, whether it’s during hospital admissions, at the bedside or in the home following discharge or other settings of care.  Our strategy is therefore centered on providing solutions under three core pillars – administration, clinical and remote monitoring care. This allows Lenovo Health to cover the complete continuum of care for providers with an end-to-end approach.

For example, at the administration level, we’ll be demonstrating at HIMSS ways to automate patient registration with safer, more secure patient identity solutions to prevent identity theft – an $84B annual problem. We’re also exploring solutions to expedite billing for swifter reimbursements, and looking at how digital signage can help patients and families navigate their way through healthcare facilities for an overall improved experience.

When it comes to meeting clinical needs, delivering high quality care through technology that proactively promotes patient/staff engagement and leads to greater satisfaction and more accurate diagnosis is key. Being able to offer clinicians a full range of devices gives them the flexibility to choose whether a tablet, smartphone, laptop or other device best fits their needs. Coupled with the right accessory such as a cart, wall-mount or arm, Lenovo can help marry to right device to the right use to maximize mobility.

Some of the latest innovations we’ll be featuring are in the area of interactive patient care systems (IPCS) at the bedside. For example, OneView’s technology allows patients to order meals electronically, provides patient education (i.e. videos) on demand, routes requests to the right level worker at the push of a button and integrates with major EHR patient portals.   Lenovo Health is also working with OEM partners like Mobile MedTek to provide an EEG platform that uses a mobile medical device, enables test to be conducted remotely by a certified professional and stores the results in a secure cloud for anytime/anywhere physician access and diagnosis.

Our third pillar, remote care, offers solutions that enable care delivery organizations to monitor patients’ vitals from their home, allow patients to access their PHI/EHR records and facilitate telehealth videoconferencing and collaboration between clinicians and patients. Lenovo Health’s remote care solutions leverage our unified workspace platform, which lets healthcare organizations, home care services and visiting nurses to collaborate using any device.

HIMSS16 will be the perfect opportunity to showcase these wrist-to-cloud solutions and to share our collaborative efforts with new partners. Thanks to our alliances with channel partners like CDW Healthcare, top EHR software leaders, leading ISVs, system integrators and accessory manufacturers, we’re making sure that Lenovo Health is tightly integrated and compatible with their offerings. We strive to be on the leading edge of healthcare IT innovation – so that you can better serve your clinicians and, ultimately, your patients, to address today’s care delivery and health maintenance challenges with customized care anywhere.

Please come see Lenovo Health at HIMSS16 in Booth #2465 or visit for additional information.


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