Whether you believe the interest from the healthcare industry in social media is being driven by consumers, providers or a little bit of both (we’d go with the latter), one thing everyone can agree on is this: Social media is here to stay. In fact, hospitals, clinical practices and physicians of all ages are becoming more and more active on social media. And if we’re talking about patients, you’ll find this stat pretty revealing — 72% of all Internet users are active social media users. Why? To be better engaged and more active participants in their own healthcare.

Patients are using social media channels to search health information and become more informed about their care, rate the quality of care they receive from providers and reach out to their peers to ask for health advice. Physicians are seeing increasing value in social for their own health and research discussions with colleagues — utilizing it to become more informed on patient care resources and for career development and networking. In fact, 60% of doctors say social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients.

So no matter which role you play in the giving and receiving of care, social media is shaking things up and beginning to foster some amazing results: better knowledge of health conditions, increased dialogue, connected support and more patient engagement.

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