Today’s healthcare organizations are focused on improving patient care. And they’re utilizing technologies such as mobile devices to positively impact clinician-patient interactions. That means the popularity of hospital mobility and all it offers is here to stay.

In this podcast, you’ll hear Bill Muth, CDW Healthcare Mobility Solution Architect, share his thoughts on this still-growing trend and the hot button issues that exist today.

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Given increased mobile device and wireless network use, MDM remains a significant factor. According to the Bill:

  • About 60%–70% of healthcare institutions have developed some sort of MDM strategy or have made a decision in that direction.
  • Between 40%–30% of the healthcare marketplace is either revisiting an MDM application or has not implemented a mobile device strategy at all.

Bill also shares his thoughts on integrating EHR into daily mobile device workflows and which devices work best: “I think both a tablet and a handheld device are quite suitable. What is really the major factor here is how well the content is delivered to that device and what the presentation of it is to make it useful for the end-user clinician.”

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