What’s Ahead for the Longevity Economy

I recently attended the Annual Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit, an event that brings together entrepreneurs, corporations and investors to discuss the longevity economy and how we can better live longer through new products, solutions and services. I participated in a panel focused on, “Corporations Investing in The Longevity Economy,” and we had a healthy discussion on a number of senior care topics ranging from care coordination solutions and ideas for employing seniors for their second career to digitizing end-of-life documentation.

Discussion of trends for the next year all had a common thread, which focused on the integration of technology and services to better senior lives and outcomes. One interesting topic that came up focused on how disruptive technologies from other industries are being impacted by boomers such as Airbnb and Uber. We heard how seniors 65 and older are opening their homes to rent on Airbnb not only to make money, but also for socializing purposes. This aligns with research that’s found the more connected a senior feels, the more enriched (and healthier) their life is. And Uber is finding out retired seniors looking for a second career are an untapped pool of great drivers. Boomers are redefining retirement and are even finding new careers to pursue after 65. Thinking about this market and what seniors are interested in can help investors and corporations build innovative solutions to address these gaps.

Nora Super, Executive Director of the White House Conference on Aging, attended the summit and talked about technology as a game-changer. She recognized the growing interest and momentum focused on the senior care industry where everyone from investors and lawyers to marketing executives, technology companies and even chambers of commerce are all having discussions about this market. While the energy and enthusiasm for the industry grows, she posed the question, “How do we address this very large population and provide services and solutions to support this market?”

Given the number of baby boomers turning 65 every day and the tremendous interest and growth of the marketplace, it presents a huge opportunity that more and more people are starting to notice. While we work toward creating solutions and services to address Nora’s question, we look forward to continuing the conversation. In fact, we’ll be watching Nora and her organization on Monday, July 13 as the White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) takes place. You can keep up with all of CDW Healthcare’s WHCOA activities by following @CDW_Healthcare.

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