When taking into account considerations for mobility success, mobility planning is key. I had the chance to speak on this topic for a recent CDW Healthcare-HIMSS webinar. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 85% of doctors use smartphones and medical apps
  • 86% of all clinicians — doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners — now use smartphones in their practice areas every day
  • Nearly 50% of all clinicians who own a tablet commonly utilize it for EHR management and other clinical documentation

Mobility benefits

Mobility is hot in healthcare right now, and with good reason. It provides an array of benefits for doctors, clinicians, patients and IT staff; in particular:

  • Improved clinical outcomes including reduced medical errors and more informed decision making for better patient care
  • Workflow optimization including reduced paper handling, the ability to see more patients in less time and significantly faster admissions, discharges and transfers

Right device, right task

To ensure you can get the most benefit from a mobility platform, it’s important to make sure clinicians have the right device for the right task. Not all devices are created equal. Consider:

  • Who is using the device — doctors, nurses or a range of caregivers?
  • What applications and data must be available on the device?
  • Where does the device reside — staying in a patient room, or does it move with the clinician?
  • One size doesn’t fit all — laptops, tablets and smartphones, or a mix, should be looked at

Lock down on security

One crucial point not to be overlooked? Security! All devices must be well managed and secured within the device itself, over its wireless or wired connection and at the back-end infrastructure. And be sure to keep the following points in mind when considering security solutions:

  • Maintain compliance — via encryption, strong passwords and remote remediation
  • Centralized management — the easier it is for IT to manage devices, the greater the chances that nothing will slip through the cracks
  • Limit exposure to risk of loss or theft — by applying specific rules and enabling remote tracking/wipe
  • BYOD — be especially prudent in assigning policies to employee-owned devices

You can access the full webinar presentation here.

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