Mobility is here to stay. It continues to expand across the healthcare enterprise. The adoption rate of mHealth applications is rising fast. That’s why there’s no time like the present for hospitals and health systems to embrace, or expand on, a mobility management plan.

93% of physicians believe that mobile health apps can improve patients’ health and outcomes, and 89% of physicians would recommend an app to a patient in the future.

We recently spoke with Bill Muth, one of our Mobility Solution Architects here at CDW Healthcare, and he agreed the time is ripe to invest in mobile device and mobile application management. He shares, “Whether the device is BYOD or institution-issued, the I.T. staff must be able to have visibility into that device and how well those [mobile] applications are running.”

Top 3 benefits of mHealth app management

According to Bill, one way to achieve app transparency across devices and platforms is via mHealth app management. This solution provides three key benefits that provide peace of mind to I.T. staff, clinicians and hospital leaders alike:

  1. Simplified I.T. management
  2. Increased security
  3. Improved agility and productivity

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Of course, Bill shared additional thoughts about mHealth app management and mobility challenges. To find out more, read our full interview with Bill in the summer 2014 edition of Health Tech Report on CDW Healthcare’s CommunI.T.

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