Businesses across all industries — including healthcare — are experiencing digital data growth at breakneck speed. This means the race is on to keep up and to ensure the right storage is in place to handle the deluge.

Consider this: The IDC forecasts that by 2020, worldwide data volume will reach 44 zettabytes. In 2013 it was 4.4 zettabytes. That’s a perfect storm of data growth!

And while this is causing an investment uptick in a variety of storage technologies, certain solutions may be a better fit, depending on an organization’s specific needs. Storage arrays, flash drives, storage-defined networks, cloud, and storage management software are all vying for a place in the data storage race.

When you throw an increase in video production, the mobility boon and an increasing spotlight on the Internet of Things into the mix, where will storage technologies finish up?

To find out, view “The Need for Speed” storage infographic.

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