With the explosion of the BYOD movement and the expanding popularity of mobile devices among physicians and patients alike, we’re seeing some incredible statistics regarding mobile device use in healthcare. For example, nearly three-fourths of all physicians in the U.S. use their smartphones at work and, on average, clinicians use 6.4 different mobile devices a day!

Because of these rapidly growing trends, there’s a real need for better, more secure communication among healthcare professionals and patients — especially when it comes to sending personal health information. Secure messaging can provide peace of mind when it comes to communicating sensitive info. Unlike traditional texting or email, secure messaging offers both patients and healthcare providers the ability to communicate electronically with absolute, guaranteed security. The secure messaging framework is built around existing communication tools such as a patient portal, a secure email server or a PHR, and therefore the live correspondence can be initiated by either the patient or the provider.


Here are some of the many evident negatives of traditional texting in healthcare situations:

  • Texting is not HIPAA-compliant
  • 4 copies of each message are created over an non-secure network
  • Protected health information (PHI) cannot be shared
  • Data can be copied or shared without permission
  • The message might fail to be received
  • The message lives on the device, which is a huge security risk

Secure messaging is an excellent alternative to overcome the risks of traditional texting:

  • Secure messaging is HIPAA-compliant
  • Only 1 copy of each message is created over a secure platform
  • PHI can be safely shared
  • Data cannot be copied or shared without permission
  • The message lives on the secure platform with guaranteed delivery

If healthcare providers don’t utilize a secure alternative to traditional text messaging, the potential for security breaches with personal mobile devices is high and costly. Texting violates HIPAA compliance mandates — and HIPAA fines start at $10,000 per violation and can grow to $50,000 for continued non-compliance!

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