When it comes to technology, healthcare organizations are faced with unique challenges. Access to patient information directly impacts care and patients’ health, especially in emergency situations. This means having a pipeline into patient information is necessary not just in the ER, OR or patient room, but across the continuum of care.

Here, the data center becomes vital to the streamlined access, storage, security and sharing of all hospital data, but especially patient information. That’s where embracing a software-defined data center (SDDC) comes in.

In our recent webinar, “The Journey to Real-Time Healthcare: The Software-Defined Healthcare Enterprise,” VMware Senior Health Strategist Tony Amaddio highlighted the benefits that embracing software-defined networking and data center application can help healthcare organizations achieve.

He then went on to outline examples of the various applications organizations can take advantage of, depending on their security and storage needs. These include:

  • IT transformation — hybrid cloud
  • Compliance and security — NSX
  • Clinical mobility — VDI
  • Software-defined storage — vSAN

To find out more about how SDDC can help prioritize data access, better protect networks and data, and provide a more flexible hybrid storage environment, access the webinar archive here.

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