Analytics is clearly a top priority for healthcare decision makers. In fact, according to CDW Healthcare’s recent Analytics in Healthcare Report, two-thirds of these decision makers say analytics is a top three priority — and for good reason.

The industry is undergoing big changes — namely, overhauling service models and integrating advanced data analytics for improved population health management. We know that tremendous clinical and operational advantages stem from analyzing healthcare data. With the influx of data from electronic health records and health information exchanges, the healthcare industry is poised to see big benefits from clinical analytics.

Through our Analytics in Healthcare Report, we uncovered just where some key organizations stand in the analytics implementation process, how they can plan for the future of analytics as well as how they are utilizing analytics for better outcomes, and what rewards and challenges exist. View our infographic for more on this information-packed topic.

See more about data analytics in healthcare and the possibilities of population health in this animated infographic.

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