Note: As the annual HIMSS conference quickly approaches and strives to brings folks together to help transform health through IT, CDW Healthcare spoke to a few of our partners about their focus for HIMSS16 and how they’re planning to make an impact on health IT.

The HIMSS conference is always an exciting event. It’s such a powerful industry gathering of peers who come together to share ideas and network. I’m looking forward to hearing what our partners and hospitalists are currently interested in and speaking about. And I also enjoy seeing customer and partner booths to better understand how they help the patient journey to wellness.

This year, we’re focusing on patient engagement and patients taking a more responsible approach to their wellness and staying connected. For HIMSS16, we want to “Make it Personal”, which is our narrative for what Intel Health believes is happening in the industry as a whole. The industry is facing what I would call a ‘mega-challenge’ – the tremendous growth of aging Americans and the high cost of care. Combine that with the initiatives going on around quality and the need to deliver better access to data, and we’re experiencing a great healthcare transformation with a higher sense of urgency than we’ve ever seen before.

Make it Personal is an umbrella term for 3 specific areas we’re concentrating on. The first category focuses on precision medicine – lowering costs while diagnosing and treating a patient all in the same day. The idea behind “All in one day” means we’re looking at the world through a life sciences lens. We want to apply a life sciences genomic diagnosis by looking at the biology of a person. Why? Because we see a shift from population health or population diagnosis to personalized precision health – or individually tailoring a patient’s diagnosis based on science.

How do we get there? The answer is data. For example, the cost of genome sequencing is no longer the bottleneck per se, instead it’s figuring out how to store and manage all that data. Or how do you tackle a chronic disease and comorbidities and make sense of it all? For us, we’re working on harnessing the collection and storing/managing data so healthcare providers can better collaborate, share, access and manage valuable data to deliver better care.

The second category under our Make it Personal theme focuses on “Wherever you are” and the delivery of the best care wherever a patient may be. It means seamlessly connecting clinicians and patients by using data for diagnosis, and connecting the care team with this data across the care continuum.

The good news is we’re starting to see a transformation to remote patient monitoring and telehealth. We’re finally starting to overcome the reimbursement headwind that was holding us back, but it’s no longer the issue.

Finally, the third Make it Personal category is: “Own your health”. This line of thinking is all about empowering consumers to own and drive their own health. Today’s patients are taking a more active responsibility for their own health and we’ve got to continue helping them “own” their health.

Driving our Make it Personal vision and sub-category focuses is technology. Powerful computing platforms are needed to advance these areas in healthcare. Yet, how does technology play a role? We believe that data analytics is the key.

Hospitalists are sitting on piles of data. There is data in different formats, unstructured data and data from EMRs, which have been around for 5-10 years and are just data warehouses. A hospital could tackle patient safety to reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections, which is a real danger and complication for hospitals, and analytics could get them there. But, where do we start? Where can we have the biggest impact? Currently, the industry doesn’t have a lot of best practices or skill sets and you have to acquire talent, align workflows and capture data from disparate systems and siloed departments. Intel Health is trying to make data analytics easier through technology.

We know our approach and the initiatives in the industry represent an evolution not a revolution. And we know HIMSS16 will be a perfect opportunity to continue driving toward our vision for healthcare to Make it Personal. To learn more come see us at HIMSS16 in booth 3032 or visit

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