Patrick O’Hare, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Spectrum Health, recently took some time to talk with us about his organization’s approach to the evolving trends in mobility and how Spectrum Health is tackling comprehensive mobile management. Spectrum Health, western Michigan’s largest not-for-profit healthcare system, has 11 hospitals, 170 ambulatory and services sites, 21,300 employees, and 1080 employed physicians and advanced practice providers.

O’Hare says the biggest opportunity mobile devices and applications offer is anywhere, anytime access to the system. “A cardiologist can use his iPad® to access patient records and sophisticated applications while he’s on a plane, thanks to in-flight Wi-Fi.” That mobile device is allowing for a level of access to information and therefore enhanced care that previously we would have thought needed to be on a fixed workstation.

In terms of patient use, O’Hare says it’s a goal for his organization to leverage the potential of mobile apps to engage patients in their own healthcare. O’Hare’s team has created a number of mobile health apps, including MyHealth, an application they recently rolled out that makes patient mobile access easier. The organization also uses Epic’s MyChart extensively with the MyHealth app. O’Hare says he’s also working on building out some functionality to serve patients who are not members of Spectrum Health’s medical group but may visit one of its inpatient locations and want access to lab results.

O’Hare envisions mobile apps changing the way people access healthcare.

“I think mobile apps are going to further enable us to provide services outside the walls of the traditional healthcare organization. In fact, patients are going to expect it. They’re going to want to know why they can FaceTime with a relative overseas to share a special meal in a restaurant yet can’t FaceTime their provider to ask him to look at their injured foot and advise whether they should come in for an x-ray.”

However, he does note there will continue to be growing pains through a period of transition as healthcare fully adopts mobile health — one such growing pain being security. O’Hare emphasizes how important security management is, citing his use of MobileIron infrastructure as a deployment and security strategy for BYOD and data compliance.

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