With the rate of innovation of new technology, many within the senior living industry are scrambling to keep up. Providers are finding themselves asking how they can evolve to meet the current and future tech needs of residents and staff, and to be working to create a “21st Century Community.” But what exactly does that mean? It’s a tech ecosystem, and a complete re-imagination of what senior living entails, poised to change the industry as it stands today – from electronic health records to virtual reality, wearable devices and more.

So, how does a community begin to work towards this?

It may seem like the un-gettable get, but with a focused plan and the proper framework, we’ve found it’s entirely within reach. We recently partnered with Senior Housing News to explore this topic in more detail, both in sharing industry expertise and talking with senior care owners/operators themselves. Here are five key takeaways that can help you start to think about your own community’s tech future:

  1. The 21st senior living community stands as a thriving tech ecosystem, where devices interact with one another to enhance resident and staff experiences—and this is what providers should strive for.
  2. Technology must be implemented with purpose, which requires determining company initiatives, strategic planning and appropriate budgets, to achieve both individual and all-encompassing goals.
  3. Be sure to consider the many facets because there are many areas in which providers need to concentrate their efforts to improve the resident experience and operational efficiencies, including wellness and health care, resident communication, safety and security, entertainment and staffing.
  4. Infrastructure comes first, no matter what. Installing a blend of hardware, software, networks and IT departments allows providers the means to launch new technology initiatives, but it all starts with the needs of the community itself—and depends largely on what future residents will demand.
  5. Remain flexible—there’s no one single formula for 21st century senior living communities. To truly achieve the distinction, operators need to plan for change and create environments that can quickly adapt to new technologies.

In our new, free report with Senior Housing News, take advantage of insights from 15 senior living executives, including an exclusive Q&A with Madj Alwan, Senior Vice President of Technology and Executive Director of LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technology (CAST), to see what it takes to:

  • Lay the groundwork and infrastructure for technology
  • Top technology types being used to drive efficiency and resident satisfaction
  • Creative approaches to teaching about technology
  • Hospitality technology design being applied in senior living

Click here to learn more and download the report, “The 21st Century Senior Living Community”. Also, explore more details on each of the key technology available for your community on our Senior Care Tech page.

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