As the demand for in-home healthcare and services has grown, so too has Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based Camellia Healthcare. Growing from 300 nurses in six locations to more than 1000 clinicians working out of 35 locations, Camellia has stuck to its family-oriented roots and kept its sights focused on delivering compassionate, personalized care. And even though the family organization has grown quite large, Camellia Healthcare CIO David Pahlman says, “It’s very, very important to our administration that we stay cutting-edge with technology.”

Sticking to that commitment, eight years ago Camellia saw the value in giving its clinicians increased mobility, and decided to roll out tablet technology to improve data access and entry at the point of care. Yet, the advanced tablet technology strained the existing infrastructure and limited I.T. resources. And, due to its expansion in a rural area, Pahlman had to deal with a lot of blackout areas that limited connectivity.

Realizing the task that lay ahead, Pahlman turned to his go-to I.T. expert—Chavis Lingle, CDW Healthcare Senior Account Manager. Pahlman and Lingle worked together to put a strategic plan in place. The solution?

  • An infrastructure overhaul. Pahlman upgraded and expanded Camellia’s server, storage and networking capabilities.
  • A standardized tablet rollout. This enabled a speedier deployment in newly acquired agencies.
  • A systems administration update. For automating and centralizing update, inventory, web filtering and backup systems.

Not only is Camellia Healthcare delivering reliable point-of-care connectivity for nurses and therapists providing in-home services, but Camellia is also able to get new facilities and employees quickly integrated into the existing infrastructure and systems.

Relying on CDW Healthcare for all my I.T. needs is invaluable. I’m able to maximize both time and resources no matter how large or small a project is.

Looking ahead, Pahlman expects to continue seeking guidance and support as Camellia Healthcare integrates additional technology — such as home monitoring devices for patients and improved online data access — to further enhance the quality of care provided.

Read the full case study for more about the technology being utilized by Camellia Healthcare.


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