The healthcare security solution Salud Family Health Centers had been relying on to protect sensitive patient data on its servers, desktops and notebooks just wasn’t measuring up. Not only did it slow down PC performance for its 500+ users — it also failed to catch significant amounts of malware. “Our help desk was spending 60% of their time removing malware and other nasty stuff that had gotten through,” says Randy Kuehntopp, chief information officer of the community health network based in Fort Lupton, Colorado.

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At the same time, Salud was in the process of migrating to a virtualized PC environment, which its healthcare security solution couldn’t support. In urgent need of new options, Kuehntopp turned to a trusted advisor — CDW Healthcare account manager Alex Mattucci. Mattucci recommended a cost-effective solution with a slim design and lightweight footprint on endpoint systems. After viewing an interactive demo on how the healthcare security solution would actually work in Salud’s environment, Kuehntopp was sold. Within 30 days, his team had deployed the new solution themselves, with some valuable help from comprehensive online training videos.

The ROI was immediate:

  • Help desk calls plummeted. “We lowered our calls to maybe one per week,” Kuehntopp says.
  • Productivity increased. The healthcare security solution picks up both malware and viruses without “killing” PC performance.
  • Simplified administration. Through a single interface, Salud can remotely control any PC or server, and push out software and updates.
  • Meaningful use compliance. Every endpoint from desktops to mobile devices is encrypted.
  • Optimized virtualization. The agentless solution freed up substantial amounts of memory on the host server so Salud could deploy more virtual machines per host.

Impressed with CDW Healthcare’s knowledge and commitment, Kuehntopp looks forward to continued collaboration over the long term. “We know they’re not going to just sell us solutions and move on. They want to be our partner,” he says.

To learn more about improving security and performance, read the full case study for additional insights on the healthcare security technology that delivered instant ROI at Salud.


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