When the expanding Parkview Health system decided it was time to build a brand-new flagship facility, there was no question that the new hospital — Parkview Regional Medical Center — would incorporate the latest and smartest technology to support quality patient care. The question was — how?

To be sure, Parkview faced a few challenges on this quest:

  • Limited I.T. staff resources available to manage “greenfield” deployment of comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology in the 900,000-square-foot medical center
  • Implementation of new EMR system scheduled to begin post-construction, which required a high-speed network and compliant hardware
  • The need to leverage mobile and stationary devices, as well as virtualization technologies


To overcome these issues, Parkview Health worked with CDW Healthcare to integrate a robust infrastructure, achieve a high-speed, high-capacity network, and roll out thousands of mobile and stationary devices to provide real-time, point-of-care access to critical patient data. Here are the highlights of this amazing, from-the-ground-up implementation:

  • Installed 8000 pieces of hardware, 400 miles of fiber optic cable and more than 400 switches in 15 months, while the new hospital was under construction
  • Before going live, validated every single device to ensure seamless network connection
  • Managed deployment so efficiently that the post-go live support center was shut down 50% earlier than anticipated
  • 10 gigabit network reliably handles both regular and high-priority traffic
  • Fast point-of-care access to imaging, telemetry and other critical data supports quality patient care and high clinician satisfaction

But this is only part of the story! To find out exactly how Parkview Health pulled off this massive project, read the full case study.


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