Exploring ways to improve patient care is always at the forefront of what Sauk Prairie Healthcare does as an organization, and what I do with technology, in particular. Everything we think about on a daily basis, operations project-wise, is about the patient.

When the decision was made to build a new hospital building, we recognized we had a unique opportunity to create a robust infrastructure that could support the applications we needed to enhance outcomes, improve the patient experience and achieve our patient-centric goals.

Tight Timeline, Impressive Results

Over a period of 16 months, our nine-person IT team worked closely with CDW Healthcare engineers and technical experts to design, configure and implement an entirely new core infrastructure, including unified communications, wireless networking, server virtualization, storage and security. We also built a new data center with adequate power and capacity to support future growth.

One of the most critical improvements has been our new integrated nurse call system, which has dramatically improved patient-clinician — and clinician-clinician — communication, boosting patient and clinician satisfaction levels as well as clinician efficiency.

Planning for Success

Challenging as it was to coordinate with all the vendors of our multiple clinical and operational systems, we were able to implement all the moving pieces right on schedule for the hospital’s grand opening with minimal interruption to patient care services.

The keys to our success included:

  • Planning ahead. As a small rural hospital, we needed to identify a budget to keep costs contained.
  • Involving end users throughout the process. The better clinicians understood the capabilities of the technologies, the smoother their buy-in.
  • Putting a solid go-live support plan in place. We knew exactly what to do and where we needed to be on day 1, day 7 and day 14.
  • Working with a trusted IT partner. Organizations like CDW Healthcare have their hands on all the new technologies. They pointed out the pros and cons, supported our migration efforts and looked out for our best interests.

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