As technology changes and healthcare organizations up their game on data security and accessibility, today’s healthcare data center is evolving. One emerging, flexible solution that can help optimize infrastructure is the hybrid cloud. It offers the opportunity to leverage onsite applications while giving you access to cloud storage solutions. What are the benefits of a converged infrastructure? It sets you up for future data center growth while giving you more flexibility to handle workload fluctuations and leverage your internal resources more wisely.

At the same time, a hybrid cloud can strengthen your data security and improve access. Both patients and physicians are increasingly mobile and expect seamless data access, so ultimately this shift translates to patient care as well. By getting more out of your IT infrastructure, you’re optimizing your resources. You’ve also ensured greater safety of your patients’ valuable data while also giving both patients and providers a better experience.

Check out our video for more on the benefits of the hybrid cloud and to learn more about CDW Healthcare’s data center and cloud solutions.

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