CDW Healthcare’s assessment/planning/design services help lay the groundwork for the most effective IT strategy within your healthcare organization. We offer a range of services, including:

Data Center Optimization Services

We can assess your current storage, server and networking configuration to determine how to best revamp your data center infrastructure to optimally align with current and future demands.

DLP Assessment

With a CDW DLP Risk Assessment, we help you determine how your sensitive data is currently being used and who needs access to it, and then match DLP enforcement to your security policy to ensure compliance.

Mobile Device Procurement

Our knowledgeable experts are here to help your healthcare organization select the right mobile devices and manage the ordering and rollout of these devices to your physicians and staff. We also offer a specialized portal where you can access details regarding your devices and help manage the implementation of your clinical mobility solution.

Network Infrastructure Audits

We will consult with you to assess your current network infrastructure and provide guidance through strategy planning and design sessions.

Security Assessment

This assessment encompasses mobile security, endpoint security, risk and compliance/threat prevention. We’ll conduct a targeted security analysis and network review, design a tailored security solution based on assessment results, then configure and install those security components.

PoC Assessment

We can evaluate your operating systems to make sure they can support EMR meaningful use requirements, determine what PoC technology fits your needs, and address security and storage requirements to protect patient data.

Power and Cooling Assessment

We thoroughly review key factors including your existing equipment, recent growth, future growth expectations, data storage capacity, redundancy, runtime, physical space limitations, ventilation, current cooling strategies, electricity costs and non-standard power requirements to ensure your data center upgrades meet your specific needs.

Wireless Network Assessment

The number of locations within a health system, the layout of each building and user density are all key factors in designing a wireless network that can accommodate IT needs. CDW Healthcare will review this information to ensure you have the connectivity needed to meet your data access requirements.