CDW Healthcare can customize your technology solution right in our own Configuration Centers to reduce downtime at your healthcare facility.

Cart Configuration

Carts are assembled and fully installed with cabling, attachments and devices such as notebooks, thin clients, terminal, LCD monitor and accessories so they arrive ready to roll.

Hardware Configuration Services

We install key components such as memory hard drives, ROM drives, NIC cards, modems, video cards and other peripherals into your desktop PCs, notebooks, printers, smartphones and mobile carts prior to shipment.

Activation Services

We can activate your mobile devices prior to shipment with “turnkey” on-demand activation services that include order management, custom kitting, deployments, device pool management and device recycling.

Custom Imaging Services

We preload your custom images onto your system so all personal settings, software and hardware are ready for deployment when your equipment arrives at your door.

Asset Management Services

By labeling every piece of hardware with a unique asset number, we can help you quickly and easily track equipment.