Every day, you need to share knowledge, ideas and information with colleagues, clinicians and patients. To do this effectively and quickly, you need communication tools such as messaging, email — both on premises and cloud-based — and IM/presence.


Voice and Data Services

We help streamline voice and video connections, and improve data handling, with services that span telecommunications, telecom expense and inventory management, internet connection/IP services and video conferencing.

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As healthcare’s largest provider of clinical communication solutions, TigerText helps physicians, nurses and other staff communicate and collaborate more effectively, accelerating productivity, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes. With 5,000 facilities, 99.99% uptime and over a million messages processed each day, TigerText continually delivers advanced product innovations and integrates with critical hospital systems such as the EHR, nurse call and scheduling solutions. The company’s commitment to customer success is reflected in its broad support organization that works directly with customers at every stage to streamline communication workflows and achieve the highest possible ROI.

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